The Newfoundland Overseas Foresters Association was formed in 1944 with the intention of providing a means for NOFU members to maintain contact for the purpose of socialising and also to give a voice to these men and advocate on their behalf. The Association published the booklet "Timber". The surviving stock of these was lost in a forest fire in Glovertown in 1946 so they are almost impossible to find and acquire today. A digital copy can be viewed on this website. Association efforts were not in vain, as in 1962 the NOFU was officially recognized by Veteran's Affairs in Ottawa. In the 1960's interest seemed to decline and there was little activity until a reunion in Clarenville in 1979. This was very successful and renewed interest was widespread. Reunions were held on a regular basis, with the last one held in September of 2006 at Max Simms Memorial Camp at Bishop's Falls.
Newfoundland Overseas Foresters Association
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