Excerpts from a Forester's Autograph Book
This autograph book was  kept by my father, Steve Pike of Traytown, B.B. during his years in Scotland in the Unit and later on after marrying my mother Mary (Maimie) Banford Beaton McQuaid. She was raised in  "Bridge Cottage",  a  house in Aultgowrie,  across the road from the Fairburn camp, which is how they met. My older brother Dave, younger sisters Shirley and Tamar also grew up in this  house. There are entries by a few of my father's fellow workers in the NOFU, as well as some by my mother before they married, and  also some by my sisters later on. There are also numerous unsigned entries. My brother and I, although older, must not have been quite as literate at the time....
This was social media in 1940.
Excerpts from a Forester's Autograph Book
Fairburn camp was located to the left of the road, the house to the right. Overnight, the spot was over-run by a few hundred Newfoundland men.