Mary Porter ( left) Later married  
Jack Grace (0228) of Salmonier  
Steve Pike  of Traytown, BB (1484) & Maimie Banford Beaton McQuaid.They married in Scotland in 1944.  
Larry & Jean Gladney (1901) of Clarenville   " I'll marry you one day, sonny boy..."  
(from Larry & Jean Gladney memoirs,  Clarenville)
Bert Taylor (1425) of Millertown  
joined the Armed Forces (Navy) in Britain  
Jesse Critch  (3500) 
Cavendish, TB 
(Debbie Noseworthy) 
Walter Churchill (2478) of Hillview. 
Home Guard 
The picture is from 1941 or 1942 with Alma Porter of Alford,  
Aberdeenshire, Scotland 
(Lynda Churchill Ellis) 

Wallace Colbourne (0016) of Corner Brook 
(Tonya Ward)
William J. Mercer (0340) Mundy Pond  Rd.,St. John's  
Died May19,1943  
Buried at Carrbridge, Scotland  
Married to Bertha, with 8 children  
(Ivy Rideout)
Robert Eliel Parsons  (2868)  Roberts Arm
( Heather Simms)
Edward Tremblett (2353)  Bonavista  
NOFU June 1940 to July 1946   Home Guard  
Camps: Whitebridge, Moy &  Deshar.  
Picture taken in Inverness 1940  
(from Malcolm Duffett)
Norman George  (1847) & wife Inez
Lady Cove
(from Margaret Wood)
Lewis Strickland (3301)  
Picture taken in Grantown-on-Spey  
(from Malcolm Duffett)
Right: Raymond Elliot (1682) 
Left: Ephraim Stagg (1699) 
(from Max Edwards)
Left: Eli Organ (3385) St. Alban's
Right: Cecil Davis (2567) St. Alban's 
Picture taken in Scotland 
Provided by Fabian Davis, Roanoake, VA
Larry Jones (0157) Moreton's Harbour, NDB
Camp Foreman
from Hugh Small
Kenneth W. Langdon  (2725)  Botwood
Home Guard
from Sheila ( Langdon) Camp
Pat Fogarty 0035 Lomond 
"Uncle Pat in Scotland, May 1943 
Denis Noel September 2001
Alph Pitcher 1234 Winterton
and Edgar Fifield 1476 Glovertown
Fred Linehan 3074
Betty Wade September 2001
Ralph Sutton ( 2760)
Clifton, T.B.
from Barry & Rachel (Sutton) Hayes
Vic (1487) & Mairi Roach
Traytown B.B.
from Linda Stroud
Raymond G. Rogers   (0883) 
From Alastair Rogers
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