No. Name Hometown Date Burial Place
0048 Philip Janes Deer Lake April 4,1943 Langstown, Cumberland, England
0340 Wm. J. Mercer St. John's May 19,1943 Carrbridge, Scotland
0404 Samuel Lodge Corner Brook June 23,1941 Carlisle, England
0495 Walter Mews St. Georges March 18,1941 Mt.Vernon, Edinburgh
0527 Wm. L. Young Spruce Brook August 31,1944 Grantown, Moray-shire, Scotland
0670 Isaac S. Higdon New Harbour, T.B. April 25,1941 Laggan, Scotland
0987 Larry Nolan Mobile May 25,1941 Grove, Aberdeen-shire, Scotland
1478 Jonathan Feltham Glovertown March 26,1940 Carrbridge, Scotland
1480 Max Hawkins Glovertown July 14,1940 Carrbridge. Scotland
1516 E. Wm. Haley Charlottetown, B.B. April 10, 1941 Wellshill,  Perth-shire
1669 Raymond Elliot Catalina March 11,1940 Carlisle, England
1692 James Butler Port Rexton Sept.20,1943 Glennmuick, Scotland
1763 Ralph Ryan Port Rexton Sept.20,1943 Laggan, Scotland
1900 Michael J. Gladney Clarenville April 30,1940 Loch Laggan, Scotland
1999 Thomas O'Keefe Placentia April 28,1940 Carlisle, England
2291 George D. Blackmore Port Blandford, B.B. October 2,1943 Carrbridge, Scotland
2327 Wm. R. Miller St. Jones Within July 25,1941 Urray, Muir-of-Ord, Scotland
2399 Bert P. Hoskins Greenspond Feb.9,1943 Carrbridge, Scotland
3572 James Hicks Newman's Cove Jan.28,1945 Carrbridge, Scotland
2447 J. Patrick White St. Brendans, B.B. Aug.20, 1941 Kerriemuir, Scotland
2469 John Brushett Burin Aug.7,1941 Kerriemuir, Scotland
2512 Hubert Cormier St. George's Dec.27,1944 Kingussie, Scotland
2547 Cecil White Grand Bay July 6,1941 Glenmuick, Scotland
2557 Charles Short Cape Ray July 6,1941 Glenmuick, Scotland
2604 Kenneth R. Taylor Bay D'Espoir May 17,1941 Kingussie, Scotland
2737 Fred Purchase Lawrencetown Dec.31,1945 Alness, Scotland
2778 Simon Hancock Englee June 20,1941 St.Bathan's Abbey, Scotland
2793 Stanley Reeves Englee March22,1941 Carlisle, England
2857 Harold Layte Glenwood Feb.27,1943 Fortrose, Scotland
3201 John Legge Heart's Content, T.B. July 12,1941 Laggan, Scotland
3234 Joseph Brenton Bishop's Falls April 10,1941 Laggan, Scotland
3292 Martin Lamb Lawn Jan.3,1943 Jeansfield Cemetery, Perth
3449 Gerald Isaac Payne Cow Head Aug.29,1941 Laggan, Scotland
3577 Harold W. Mayo Creston Jan.4,1946 Kingussie, Scotland
Illness or accident claimed the lives of thirty-four members of the Unit. All were interred in local cemeteries in Great Britain, with collections from their fellow members going toward the purchase of headstones at their grave sites. There was also a group of  three hundred and thirty-five men who were returned to Newfoundland due to accident or illness. This is a list of names of those who died, including their home
towns, date of  death and place of burial.

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of the Memorial placed at Grand Falls to honour these men.